1. Eye Exercise.


Place the fingers, as shown on the photo, gently fix the skin. Look up and flex the lower eyelid. Repeat 20 times, then hold it and count till 20. Relax and tap gently around your eyes.

2. Forehead exercise.


Press your palms firmly against the forehead. Pull up your forehead skin by 2-3 mm down and slightly sideways. Fix it in place. Slowly raise your eyebrows, trying to frown your forehead, while resisting it with your hands, 20 times. Then fix it in place counting up to 20.

3. Cheeks lifting and defined cheekbones Exercise.

IMG_7287 IMG_7291

Roll your lips over your teeth, take the spoon in your mouth, as shown on the picture. Slowly raise the spoon, simultaneously flexing your cheeks and smiling. Repeat 20 times.

4. Lips Exercise.


Stretch your lips forward (lip contour should be relaxed). Hold this position until a light felling of numbness. Then while continuing to hold lips forward grab them with your fingers and try to press them against your teeth. Repeat 30 times.

5. Exercise to Tackle Double Chin.


Press your chin against your hands, giving resistance, hold it for 2 seconds. Repeat 20 times

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